Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating MotherHood!
The twinkle in your eyes,
The sparkle on your lips,
The glory of your face,
The mischief in your smile,
The music of your cries,
Makes me wonder,
What would I be without you,
Oh! My marvel boy!

In the last eight and a half months life has undergone a tremendous change. I was a Wife until June 12, 2010 and then suddenly the next day my status climbed the zenith of Womanhood as I became a Mother. Ever since I was blessed with MotherHood, I have been greatly enjoying little Aadhrit’s company so much so that I now wonder what would my life be without him? My baby has become an integral part of my life and it now is hard to imagine my dream-world without him. My life revolves around him and he not only occupies the centre stage in the play but is also the pivotal character around which, the whole story has been woven by the Almighty!

I feel like a petite child celebrating the moment after winning the street championship, each time I gaze at my Wonder Boy. Every second of his company only galvanizes me more than the by gone. Watching him cry, laugh, smile, play, crawl, walk, talk, express his feelings (especially anger), bite at every other object et al is a real treat to the eyes. As a parent one can’t truly ask for more!

These days, watching my kid grow up seems to be the bestest part of parenthood. Playing with my delicate darling inundates my heart with joy and affection, and at times I don’t wish to take my eyes off his naughtiness. I can spend hours together singing him lullabys, caressing him, feeding him and putting him off to peaceful sleep sealed with a kiss.

Besides, I love to spot and point out the changes in his behavior and activities to my husband and then analyze the same with him (hubby dear) to draw at my own silly conclusions. I can’t stop boasting about the thrilling day to his sleepy father, who apparently at the midnight hour prefers sleep yet lends a patient ear to hear about his beloved son’s achieved milestones.

It amazes me to observe how Naveed (Aadhrit’s nick name) struggles to reach his target destination and grab his prey. It is pertinent to mention here that his watchful eyes always comprise cell phones and television remote that have already witnessed the impact of his glorious chewing – Mechanical Malfunctioning! His happy-go-lucky and go-getter attitude steals my heart away over and over again. In my joys and ecstasy I however, can’t seem to thank The Lord enough for giving me what it takes to complete a WOMAN!

And the odyssey so far has been adventurous, exciting, blissful, momentous, exhilarating, frantic and above all motherly!!!

….to be continued!

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