Celebrating Motherhood

MotherHood : an eternal bliss!
Skepticism overshadowed all my emotions from the time I conceived till I delivered. Thinking about the life blooming within me got me high each time with a new vigour, yet planning the future with it send chills down my spine. Confusion, immaturity, inexperience (or which ever word suits best) got the better of me and I locked myself in the fantasy world throwing the keys to the real one far away.

As the days neared the butterflies got worse and strangely at the same time sentiment of holding my own baby in my arms send me on a ride to cloud nine. I was going to be a mother in the real sense, in a matter of few days. Unbelievable as it sounded, it made me go crazy with joy and fear.

Anticipations of a first time Mother-to-be are hard to define therefore certain emotions are way beyond human reach to be penned down (and I am no exception). I can’t exactly classify my roller coaster ride of emotions during that period but can only say that it has been “Momentous.” Feeling the baby kick, move, give me sleepless nights was fun and simultaneously I began to prepare myself for the D-Day, the real challenges and the life after.

Invariably on June 13, 2010 my little bundle of joy arrived with much pomp and show and a testimony to the fact is the BIG smile that he spread on everyone’s face! Although I was the last to see him yet his first glimpse and first touch felt like a blessing in disguise. I don’t think I have ever felt as contented, sanctified and proud as that moment. As the realization of MotherHood slowly dawned on me, I silently took the opportunity to thank The Almighty for giving me the chance to experience the world’s greatest joy. I was blessed with a son and thought that God had been more than just kind to count me amongst his Chosen Few.

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